The Gift

All of us harbour great treasures deep within that long for recognition and acceptance. They whisper to us in moments of turbulence and sing to us in our dreams.

To be cut off from this wellspring of internal brilliance is to experience great sorrow and strife – as we seemingly go against the best that we have to offer and instead live a vision of diminished capacity.

To accept the scraps at the table of life, rather than to accept the feast being offered most generously! such has been the story and myth of the collective in contemporary times.

Lucid Yoga aims to change this.

Here you will information on how to become Lucid in your Dreams, how to become Lucid in your Life and how to enter into that with stability.

Until now the subculture of those becoming adept at the traditional practices of “Dream Yoga” let alone Lucid Dreaming as a path unto itself has remained quite scattered, there are few long term practitioners with a high degree of stability.

The practices and advice offered through Lucid Yoga strives to transform this.

You are invited to awaken your full capacities and overcome inner challenges.

the gift of lucidity is waiting for you.

May you dive deeply.